Christine Garnhum

Growing up in the Travel Industry, I developed a passion for the business at a young age. Over the years I dabbled in a bit of everything, but found my niche in corporate travel. Whether it’s one business person traveling to a meeting, or a group of 100 traveling for an incentive, corporate travel is what I am dedicated to. I enjoy the challenge of last minute trips, complicated itineraries and destinations that are off the beaten track.

I’m accustomed to the frequent and often sudden changes that come with traveling for business; the specific needs and requests that develop for a traveler who spends so much time on the road for work, and the unpredictability of planes, weather and other circumstances that reek havoc on a business travelers time..and I am here to help.

I build relationships with my clients over time, as we don’t just talk once a year, but sometimes as often as once a week. I get to know your like and dislikes and quickly learn what you need and what works best for you. I know that you might be spending more time on the road than you are at home and I want to make sure that no matter where you are, you can trust that I am at this end working for you.

I have traveled to Florida, the Caribbean & I have cruised a few times, but my future plans are to explore some of Europe!

1-902-566-4410 Direct Line